Get To Know Florrie, The New Face (& Voice) of H&M


She’s certainly no newcomer to the music world, but the fashion scene is a different story. Florrie is making a splash with her new single “Too Young to Remember,” which H&M introduced as part of its spring campaign. We learned that she’s a self-proclaimed Spice Girls worshipper—and, frankly, that’s all we really need to know to absolutely love her, but we still wanted to find out more. So, Glam caught up with this young up-and-comer whose new single we just cannot seem to get out of our heads…in a good way (watch the video below!).

Why do you think music and fashion have become so intertwined? I think music and fashion have always been linked, and both are very creative and expressive. But it does seem that they are closer than ever [today]. I think with social media and things like Instagram, people are able to share what they love and the clothes they're wearing, along with the music [they ’re listening to]. I think a lot of fashion brands are partnering up with musicians and artists, as they recognize that collaborating can be beneficial to both fans of music and fashion.

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be and why? I'd love to duet with John Mayer. I'm a huge fan and he is such a brilliant musician. I'd also love to play drums with the Beatles, if Ringo would let me have a go, so my dad could see it!

How has your style changed since your solo career as a musician began? I think I've learned a lot about fashion since I started my solo career from working with fashion brands and doing photo shoots. I literally knew nothing about fashion before, as music was my whole life. I definitely have a good idea of what I like and don’t like now, whereas at the beginning I'd try everything out once, then decide whether it was for me or not. I don’t think my personal style has massively changed though other than growing up, I guess!

How has your interest in fashion informed your musical voice? I think for me, when I make music, it’s like I'm in this little bubble and I like to get inspiration from experience or from things I see or hear around me. So I wouldn’t say fashion has informed my musical voice. Music for me has its own lane.

Who are some of your style icons? Favorite designers? Audrey Hepburn, Diane Kruger, Emma Watson. My favorite designers are Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs.

What’s your New Years’ Resolution? To try and be more organized….and keep a diary!

What’s your ideal outfit for a day when you’re on the go? Jeans, my Converse [Chuck Taylors], and a stripey jumper. I love stripey jumpers…I have about 8 in my wardrobe! I like being comfortable when I'm in the studio!