Get Up and Go: How to Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine in Half


Get Up and Go

1. Shower in the evening.
Rework your daily shower into your nightly routine. Washing and drying your hair before you hit the hay means you won’t have to deal with sopping locks in the morning. Styling your daytime ’do will also go faster as a result.

2. Wash and moisturize your face the night before.
To wake up with skin that looks alive and fresh, it’s important to wash and moisturize your face before bed. Trying to reverse the results of sleeping with a face full of makeup or skin that’s become dried-up overnight takes time, energy, and a slew of beauty tools that will put a damper on a quick, efficient morning routine. Instead, your already clean face should simply require a quick rinse and a swipe of day cream in the morning before applying makeup.

3. Leave the makeup artistry for the weekend.
Get a simple yet chic daily makeup routine down so you don’t waste time in the morning experimenting with products. Cover-up or foundation for a smooth surface, blush or bronzer for color on your cheeks, mascara for bright eyes, and balm for a firm pout are your key tools. Switch things up by adding the occasional neutral or subdued shadow on your lids or a different stain or gloss to your lips. Trying to copy the latest beauty look from the runway, though? Leave that for when you have more time over the weekend.

4. Use hairspray and dry shampoo.
Flat, oily hair in the morning, no more! These two mane marvels may just be your saving grace next time you’re feeling rushed at 8 a.m. A little dry shampoo powder on your crown and a few spritzes of hairspray up into your roots will transform your locks into a style do.