Get Your Fall 2012 Home Decor Horoscope with HomeGoods

No two people are exactly alike and neither are their design aesthetics. While one may long for an oasis in the middle of the city, another may want to bring a bit of Vegas-inspired glamor to the suburbs, and some may have no idea where to begin. HomeGoods has come to your redecorating rescue with its new and improved Stylescope quiz. Developed with the help of decorating darling, Taniya Nayak, all if takes is the choice of five photos that speak to you to help you unlock your inner design diva. Once you receive your results you can get tips on how to incorporate your Stylescope into your space while nabbing the biggest trends for the fall, and all for much less than you'd expect. Check out the decor that corresponds to each personality below, then take the quiz, and share your preferences.


Spa Life:



Vegas Baby:

Set Sail:

Urban Funk:


New Country:


Modern Metro:

Farmhouse Glam:
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