Getting Out of the Rain With Chris Benz, Chrissy Teigen, Badgley Mischka and Cynthia Rowley


London Fog asked a few of our favorite designers to re-imagine the rain with the brand’s first ever collaboration. Chrissy Teigen hosted Chris Benz, Badgley Mischka andCynthia Rowley as they showed off their rainy day accessories, retailing from $50 to $400–sold at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay–under a rain machine. Glam took the opportunity to walk out of the rain with the designers we love and get the scoop on rainy day chic.

What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

Chris Benz : I was never a ‘jumping in puddles’ kind of person. I just use rainy days as an excuse to lay on the couch and watch TV. I just re-watched The Graduate, which I hadn’t seen since high school and it’s very beautiful and very well shot. I forgot that I loved it so much.

Chrissy Teigen: Definitely cooking! A little Real Housewives (Real Housewives of Atlanta is her favorite), a little red wine.

Mark Badgley: Going to a movie, something a little depressing, nostalgic, doesn’t have to be a big box office Hollywood hit, it could be something that makes you think. A little brooding.

James Mischka: Going to lunch on the water.

Cynthia Rowley: I’m like the mailman. Rain, snow, sleet, nothing keeps me from my appointed activities. I surf in the rain, bike in the rain, but I guess I would use that time to organize. I’m not really good at relaxing. I would use a rainy day to do something productive.

What’s your go to rainy day chic look?

CT: I’m a big thigh-high boot freak. I will wear thigh-high boots to the airport—they’re like my casual boot. I have an old pair that I’m just obsessed with, so those, with leggings and just a long coat. I love layers, hooded sweatshirt underneath. As long as have those boots on though, anything is possible.

MB: My favorite is the Grace Jones special—trench coat, hat, sunglasses and lipstick.

CR: I do think a classic trench is a cool thing to own. You only have so many times you can wear it so it’s nice to have something that’s very classic that you can have for your whole life and you look forward to a rainy day.

CB: It’s hard to look cute in the rain. That’s one of the things that made me so excited work on this, re-envisioning the trench coat. Everyone has their old beige trench coat, it’s not exciting to buy a new one, so everyone has them for years and years. I think the tip that I would give is to experiment, buy something colorful, buy a fun print in a raincoat. You’re not going to wear it everyday.

Favorite way to style a trench coat?

CT: I love them open, when you’re walking and you get that nice breeze, and it flies back. I love an open trench coat. I’ve never actually never owned a classic tan trench coat before so I really love the black Badgley Mischka one with all the studs. It’s really chic on it’s own, you could button that one up, tie it, wear it with the leggings and the thigh highs and it’s going to come off amazing.

JM: Belted with a half bow, off to the side.

MB: Always cinched, very Grace Kelly-style. A little scarf tucked in the neck. I love it worn over pants.

CR: I actually like it worn open and on the shoulders (perhaps with this dress under that the designer was wearing and stood under the rain wall in. It withstood the weather change). It’s almost like you’re just covering up and you just throw it on, you can be all tucked in.

CB: I think everyone know understands that you always tie the belt, never use the buckles. I also like it worn without the belt, you just lose it anyway.

What was inspiration for the collection?

MB: For such an industrial type of piece of collection, we just wanted to add a touch of glamour. So we added a touch of embroidery on the storm flap, as we did to the umbrellas and the rain boots. It’s fun to add glamour to a very practical piece of your wardrobe.

CR: I wanted it to be the classic trench that London Fog is known for. I really didn’t want to change that. I like their heritage, legacy and tradition but with a print that we’ve become known for.

CB: I just wanted something very fresh and young. Something that you won’t wear everyday but feels so fun when it does rain. It brightens your day.