Gifts Fit for a Prince: What to Buy Will & Kate’s Baby Boy


Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their first child and heir to Queen Elizabeth II’s throne into the world today! After roughly 13 hours of labor, a baby boy royally weighing in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces is here.

Considering that little prince’s birth was announced in an official letter complete with royal letterhead at 4:24 p.m. on July 22, not just any old baby gift will do. What does one get the future ruler? We have a few luxe gift ideas that are appropriate offerings for such a child. No need to fret about space — once the Duke and Duchess relocate to Apartment 1A in London’s Kensington Place, there are four stories, a nursery and 20 rooms just waiting to be filled to the hilt with one of our ideas below. Oh, and don’t forget to sign the official digital card here before sending off the present.

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  1.  Pine and Eucalytpus Luxury Candle, available at for $445.00
  2.  Sew Heart Fox Felt Rug, available at for $85
  3.  Burberry Nova Check Trim Outfit Set, available at for $104.00
  4. Oscar de la Renta Boys Sailor Romper, available at for $177.00
  5. Moulin Roty Classic Wooden Rocking Horse, available at for $163.00
  6. Levels of Discovery His Majesty’s Throne, available at for $69.95
  7. Tiffany 1837 Baby Comb, available at for $180
  8. 12 Volt Mercedes Benz-Black, available for $399.00