Girl-Power Glam: Tyra Banks Talks Beauty, CEO Status, and More


The #CommuterBeauty trend shows no signs of slowing down, thanks to Tyra Banks’s newest venture. Put down your compacts because Tyra Beauty is making getting gorgeous easier with her collection of makeup sticks, allowing beauty buffs to swipe it on, dab to blend, and be out the door in no time. Glam got to sit down with the supermodel mogul before her line made its HSN debut to dish on girl-power beauty and the art of fashioning a fierce face.

On her makeup mission with Tyra Beauty:

I know that with my modeling career, I would’ve never been a supermodel if it weren’t for the power of makeup. I know what I am when I sit down I’m a ball of potential, and then these makeup artists work on me it’s like, “Oh my God, you’re so beautiful, Tyra!” And I say, “No, this stuff really created that.” So there’s power in makeup.

I feel that makeup is a beauty equalizer because I might walk backstage at a fashion show and Adriana Lima and Gisele walk in with a washed face, and they look damn gorgeous. I’m looking crazy, but I say, “Give me ten minutes and we’re going to be equal.” I feel like if I can have that transformation, it’s only fair for me to share that and be honest with women that I don’t wake up like this. So I created that, but at the same time, the makeup tips and tricks I learned as a model are very technical, very pro-like, and I asked, “How can I take these tips and give women that power to equalize beauty and make it easy and fast?” So that’s why I put everything into a stick. In fact, I love doing my makeup in the morning now because I can do it fast, and it’s almost like painting because I can dab it with my fingers, like paint-by-numbers. No brushes, no sponges, just fingers.

On #CommuterBeauty:

I’m a big fan of it. There are many times when I’m out, actually in a meeting with my team and I’ll be doing my makeup for the next meeting. I’m all for commuter beauty; the one thing that’s so important is safety. So I tell women, “Sure, do your contour, do your blush, and do your lipstick. Anything involving the eyes, do it before you leave the house.” You can do contour or concealer on the train or in a taxi, but anything else close to the eye; it’s not worth it. A pretty day is not worth a permanent problem with your eye.

On her Beautytainers:

I’m a CEO of my business and my own life, and I saw my parents growing up and their marriage was awful. My mom stayed in it way too long because she didn’t have financial independence, and I think that’s what fuels me everyday as an entrepreneur, as a leader that I can be independent and not rely on anyone. And I want that for women around the world, starting with America. I want to give them that financial freedom and that self-esteem and that purpose when they wake up. I feel like we can make makeup dreams, meaning making women look beautiful, and moneymaking dreams come true. And we shouldn’t be apologetic about making money – there’s nothing wrong with that. Men are unapologetic; they ask for raises when they don’t deserve them whereas we feel ashamed. And I want to say, “Let’s make this money. Let’s get this financial freedom, and let’s have fun and be badasses while we do it.”

This is the first time I’m able to tell my beautytainment story. I flew out to Tampa met with [HSN CEO & Director] Mindy Grossman, and I pitched her this idea, and I couldn’t believe that she said yes because people always look at me like I’m crazy when I pitch big ideas. And she put her best team on it and made this come to life. We’re really going to take selling to the next level, making it interactive and a high level of entertainment. We’re selling makeup and we’re having fun.

On her biggest beauty faux pas:

My background is high fashion modeling, and I later transitioned to being a more commercial model with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, but my core is high fashion. I make the mistake over and over and over again of wearing some high fashion makeup on a red carpet. It’s a different audience; the red carpet is everybody, and they just want to see me look attractive. They don’t want to see me looking edgy or weird. They’d be like, “Tyra, have you lost your mind?” Now if that turned into a photo shoot and a high fashion photographer took a picture of that same look, they’d be like, “Oh, this is fierce!” But red carpet is reality for me. It took many years to realize, and now I finally do.

On her love of Vaseline and skincare essentials:

I haven’t been using Vaseline lately, but I used to be all up in it because it really helped preserve my mom’s skin back in the day. Right now I have a cocktail; I have so many different things that I use from Kiehl’s eye cream to a Fresh eye cream to Neutrogena. I usually use it around the eyes, but being careful not to get too close to the eye. I like mixing stuff and trying to figure out what good for me, and it’s like I really am a bartender, a skin-tender, mixing stuff to make it work. And that’s actually kind of fun.

On her best beauty advice:

If you weren’t born with it, paint it on. That’s what my mom said. You’ve got to give credit to the paint.