Girls Gone Spinning: Lena Dunham and Crew Spotted at SoulCycle


SoulCyle's Tribeca studio is always crowded on Monday evenings, but this week the space was a bit more packed than usual. While loyalists changed into their gear, production types milled about as they whispered directions into their walkie talkies. No, it was no't the Secret Service watching VIP regulars Chelsea Clinton and Barbara Bush adjusting their bikes. Nor was it a slew of overbearing bodyguards trying to strong-arm the staff into giving their clients a coveted spot in Laurie's 6:30 class. It was actuallyLena Dunham who caused the commotion. One might not expect the scene to be her jam, but Dunham and crew took over Studio B to film an upcoming episode of Girls.

Well have to wait until season three to find out whether Hannah Horvath rocked yellow, wheel-adorned spandex, Shoshanna quit in the middle of a grueling arms set, or Marnie took to the instructor's bike to showoff her skills. We are, however assuming that the show's timing will align with SoulCycle's Williamsburg opening as we can't imagine Hannah and crew trekking to Manhattan for a workout.