Giuliana & Bill Show Some Love

TV personalities Giuliana and Bill Rancic reveal that there’s a lot more to their relationship than just what airs on their reality show. In honor of National PDA Day, Glam spoke to the cuddly couple about how they practice (tasteful) PDA regularly, what sharing their emotions means to them, and how it will play a role in their family’s future.

How often do you try to incorporate PDA into your everyday life?
Giuliana: Always!

Bill: We realize the importance of it. It strengthens your relationship. To find that, we’ll go for a walk, we’ll hold hands and just talk. We’ll leave our phones at home and talk about our lives together, our future, our son that’s going to be born soon. So it’s a good way to connect.

Giuliana: But we’re way into PDA but not the obscene kind – no tongue! But we’re always holding hands, we always have our arm around each other, even when we’re at dinner, we’ll hold hands under the table sometimes. And I think it’s important for couples to incorporate PDA into their relationship, especially nowadays when you touch your cell phone more than you touch each other. It’s really scary. And with the baby coming, we want to make sure that we set a good example for our child. You know, once he’s at an age old enough to observe us, we want to make sure that he’s not seeing us just on a phone all the time, texting – that he sees his mom and dad holding hands and hugging. We just want to make sure that we show that passion, and emotion…otherwise, these kids don’t feel anymore. It’s really scary. I like that there’s a day devoted to it. I think it’s important.

What do you hope people will get out of this day?

Bill: To put your phones down! Hug the one you’re with. You know, just to realize that it is important to have that true touch, the power of touch.

Giuliana: And Bill and I even have a little secret handshake that we do –

Bill: Don’t tell her that!

Giuliana: It’s just a secret thing that we do with our hands and it means “I love you,” and I love other couples that do something, too – whether it’s a certain tap you do. I think that that’s really sweet, that communication that only the two of you know; that’s sweet.

And perhaps you’ll find a way to let your son in on that, too.

Bill: Exactly.

Giuliana: Some sort of a family handshake. We’re excited to watch him!