Glam Exclusive: What Does the Future of Essie Look Like?


Now that she's sold her legendary business to L'Oreal, one would think that Essie Weingarten would sit back, relax, and enjoy the results of her accomplishments, which began back in 1981 with twelve colors.

essie weingarten

One would be wrong.

With a worldwide business and upwards of 200 different colors, it's easy to say Essie has changed the hands of women everywhere. But she's not finished yet.

During the panel at the 2013 Women Helping Women breakfast to support Dress for Success, Weingarten shared her plans for the future, teasing the audience with a few brief details to incite anticipation regarding what's to come from Essie. And interestingly, it has nothing to do with beauty.

Weingarten admitted that her future will still remain in the realm of women and color, much like her polishes, however instead of the salon, she'll be outfitting the home.

If her success with nails is any indication, we're in for a major home improvement thanks to this savvy business woman.