GLAM Gift Guide to Giving Your Movie Buff a Merry Holiday


We all enjoy a night at the movies every now and then. But there's a sector of our society that takes film affairs to the next level: the resident movie buff. They know every line from Casablanca and in the same breath, can tell you how much it cost to make James Cameron's epic Avatar. Whether you're gifting the James Bondnovice or have an aspiring filmmaker in your midst, the movie lovers in your clique will thank you for adding to their silver screen serendipity. We've thrown in a few presents that will make a movie buff's home theater rival Regal and AMC, while giving them the power to stream on — Roku style. And for those classic cinema lovers, there's a vintage find from Etsy and a tome that gets inside the head of the great Woody Allen. Lights, camera, action never sounded – or gifted – so good!

Conversations with Woody Allen byEric Lax, $17.91 at
Hollywood Movie Stills byJoel W. Finler, $16.47 at
Samsung Blu-Ray Home Theater System, $749.99 at
Sennheiser USA RS 220 Wireless Headphones, $599.95 at
Film Listography Journal, $16.95 at
Mondo Movie Posters, $35 and up at
Goldberg Vintage Movie Reel, $10 at
Final Cut Pro X, $299.99 at
Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection, $289.99 at
Tarantino XX 8-Film Collection, $89.99 at