Glam Gifts for Your Fitness-Obsessed Best Friend


You always catch her on her way to the gym or coming from her favorite fitness class, but you’ll never see her in ratty sweats and an old oversize t-shirt. As important as it is for her to get her daily workout fix, cute yet functional clothes and accessories help to make it an all-around fun experience. For your fitness-obsessed best friend, the best gifts are the ones that’ll help her maintain a sense of style, even when she’s her sweatiest self.

  1. The Sports Gene by David Epstein, available at for $17.03
  2. Limited Edition Powerbeats by Dre, available at for $149.95
  3. Under Armour Women’s Mystique Knit Headband, available at for $24.99
  4. Athleta Mission Moto Sweater, available at for $118
  5. Fabletics Giftcards (1, 2, 3, 6, 10 or 12 outfits), available at for $50-600
  6. FitbitOne, available at for $99.95
  7. Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Performance Three-Quarter Tights, available at for $85
  8. Lululemon Sweat Once a Day Bag, available at for $128
  9. Nike Rally Loose Pants, available at for $55
  10. Juice Generation Customizable 6-Pack, available at for $58