Glam Global Street Style: The Japan Edition


Earlier this week we put some of our most fashionable American bloggers on display, but we can't forget about the style savvy ladies across the pond. While killer street style can be found all around the world, Japan, in particular, is known for some of the most fabulous, innovative, and ultra-creative ensembles. Our Japanese fashionistas set the standards, consistently thinking outside the box, offering a fresh take on ordinary trends and looks. We're inspired, and you will be too.

Name: Ena Kitamura of Ena's Fashion Life !!! from Tokyo
Hometown: Tokyo
Age: 39
Profession: Photographer, Editor
How would you describe your personal style? I love to turn mode style into something casual by coordinating with cute but tasteful little accessories, or adding lively colorful or impactful large accessories to very simple dress to create looks that are sure to take your breath away.
Where do you shop? ENFOLD, G.V.G.V
Favorite designer? Phillip Lim?Karen Walker
Who takes your photos? Masanori Wada
Fun Fact: I’ve been collecting accessories such as bangle, necklace, watch, particularly big silhouette sunglasses. Spending my idle time searching for fashionable items & brands on Pinterest, or designing and editing photos I took on my iPhone.

Name: Maria Mie Edwards of Maria Mie Edwards OfficialBlog
Hometown: Tokyo
Age: 27
Profession: Designer, Singer, Songwriter
How would you describe your personal style? Trying not to hide the shape of my body or wear accessories because all my tattoos are my accessories.
Where do you shop? Vintage Shop, Zara, Adidas, American Apparel, Opening Ceremony
Favorite designer? Hedi Slimane
Who takes your photos? camelg
Fun Fact: I love taking photos with kaleidoscopic lens.

Names: Rie Togari of BIG FUN!!
Hometown: Tokyo
Ages: 28
Professions: Office worker
Twitter: @toga_r
How would you describe your personal style? I love to coordinate my style with bright colors and patterns, paying close attention to the materials.
Where do you shop? Via Bus Stop, Aquagirl, old clothes
Favorite designer? Marc Jacobs
Who takes your photos? My friend, my husband
Fun Fact: I love to take photos of people and to have my photos taken.