Glam Guide: An Insider’s Tips On What to Pack for a Summer in Greece


With family roots in Greece, spending almost every summer of my childhood on a gem of an island called Zakynthos was less of a treat and more of a requirement. There were aunts and uncles to be seen, cousins to catch up with, culture to be had, and language to be learned, after all, so I was “Europeanized” from June to August every year without fail until my late teens.

Inevitably, the responsibilities that came with growing older arrived and my vacation on the Greek isles has now become a luxury—one that I am blessed to experience again over the next two weeks! My bags are ready to go for my 8am flight tomorrow morning, but getting those babies perfectly packed was no random guessing game. I have the pre-Greece packing process down, ladies, and as an aficionado for fashion, it was an exciting task as well. Dare I say the Kardashians should have given me a call before their trip to Mykonos earlier this year? If they would have asked, here are the staple outfits, bound to vary in detail depending on the year's trends and each individual's personal style, I would have noted necessary for every Grecian summer.

Beat the heat and look cute during the day with a pair of cut-off denim shorts over your swimsuit, and throw a crop top or tank on when you're not at the ocean. H&M is my go to for bikini tops and bottoms because they're affordable, hold up amidst the salt and sand, and can be mixed and matched. And as for my beach ready sandals, I usually pick up an inexpensive pair of strappy flats in a neutral color—native Greek ladies aren't too keen on flip-flops, not even for the beach.

Bikini Top // Bikini Bottoms // Sandals // Shorts // Sunglasses

When in Greece, do as the Greeks do and venture into town after 8 in a fabulous “going out” outfit that'll get you through the wee hours of the morning. This ensemble should transfer from dinner to the after-party, i.e. lounges or clubs. An evening outing in Europe tends to be a more dressed up affair—body-con, fit and flare, or flowing maxi dresses all work, or try a chic romper if shorts are more your style. Just keep in mind—despite the glamour, a Grecian island does not tend to have well-paved roads. To get my stiletto fix and still keep from eating it on the cobblestone, I tend to steer toward smaller lifts and sturdy wedges for my night outfits.

Dress // Bracelet // Bag // Shoes

A special occasion always seems to come up—this year it's a wedding, but in the past there's been last minute baptisms, birthday dinners, and so on. In Greece, an invite to something can happen the day before, depending on who you meet or run into. Be prepared! This year, I chose a silk slip style dress by Alexander Wang for the beachside nuptials I'll be attending. It's slightly fitted, but won't be stifling in the heat. Plus, red is a color I can get away with wearing in Zakynthos! Formal events are anything but stuffy and rigid on the island.

Dress // Necklace // Bag // Sandals