Glam Guide: How to Throw a Chic Summer Soiree


If the warm days and long evenings have you inspired to host a summer shindig, then that’s reason enough to start the planning process. Here’s what you need to know to get your perfect party on.

1. Choose a theme
When deciding on the theme for your event, think about what type of atmosphere you’d like your party to create. The theme of your bash must match that vision. For example, a “Beach Barbecue” or “Backyard Luau” is going to evoke a more casual setting than a sophisticated “Paris Summer Nights” soiree.

2. Pick your partygoers
The core of any party relies on a gathering of good friends, so make a list of essential guests and request their appearance with creative invitations. The invites should make note of all useful information: time, place, and date, as well the theme if appropriate.

3. Create a menu
From appetizers to main dishes, your party’s plates should fit the theme of your celebration while keeping in mind the season. The summer heat will affect what dishes can be served as well as the type of food people are eager to eat.

4. Don’t forget about drinks
Specially concocted cocktails, an assortment of refreshing sodas, cold beer, delicious juices—get creative!

5. Set a scene
It’s time to pick up the decorations, prepare the playlist, and organize the area where your party is taking place. Colorful streamers, strung lights, bright lanterns, fresh flowers—these items are your go-tos and can be styled to fit any sort of party theme. Set up a warm, inviting environment with areas for people to sit together, tables for eating, and space for mingling. As for the music, stick to tunes that fit the scene and atmosphere you’re trying to create. Look to already premade Spotify and Pandora playlists for inspiration—or better yet, just use those! You can always take requests once the party gets started.