Glam Publisher Spotlight | Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected


In an effort to help you get to know the #GlamFam better, we're shining the spotlight on our beloved publishers. Next up, Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected and In His Clothes. I first met Lara at a Glam event and was instantly attracted to her edgy style and effervescent personality. Read on, this girl is going places!

How long have you been in the Glam Family? 

Since December 2009. Where does the time go?

What's your favorite part about being in the network? 

The process! I like the way Glam sends emails for partnership opportunities and lets me apply if it’s a good fit. They also plan fun events, and I really enjoy networking with the other bloggers and staff in the #GlamFam.

What is Pretty Connected about? 

It’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog that’s inspired by whatever catches my eye in the moment. It also has a lot of NYC influence since I’m very inspired by the city and the amazing people, events and opportunities it attracts.

Why did you start blogging in the first place? 

It happened organically in 2009. I had just left NARS to work for Jurlique as their Marketing Manager when they announced that they were moving out of NYC. Since I didn’t want to commute, I made the tough decision to leave. I thought I would go abroad for a bit and start a blog to stay active in the industry. Before any travel plans could be finalized, I was offered several consulting jobs in NYC and decided to stay. By that point I had bought the domain name and trademarked Pretty Connected, and was excited to launch.

What are some of your beauty and fashion trends right now? 

I’m not big on trends since I’m a firm believer in personal style and dressing for what looks good on you. That said, I’m glad big, bold brows are in, as are my red lips. The runways for the spring/summer shows showed no eyeliner or mascara as the big trend – I, for one, plan on ignoring that. White nail polish will make its comeback again this summer, which I’m all for! For fashion I’m going to say ‘boy meets girl’ since it seems like an on-going trend that just grows every year. There’s a growing number of women and celebrities that are rocking a menswear item or taking inspiration from the opposite sex. Myself included which is why I recently started the style blog, In His Clothes.

Where do you find the best deals when shopping online? 

It varies. If I know what I want, I’ll Google the item to find the best deal (usually Amazon wins). Otherwise, I wait for the friend & family sales that happen online. I regularly browse eBay, Gilt Groupe and ideeli to see if anything catches my eye. I also love ShopStyle, since you can search for items by description—e.g., red heels, crossbody bag, cocktail dress—then sort by price, relevance, or popularity. For jewelry, I recently discovered Chic Peek, which works with designer brands; no matter the retail price, if it’s on their site it’s $30.

What's a hairstyle you've always wanted to try but have been afraid to? 

It used to be bangs, until I took the plunge during fashion week. Now it’s a bob! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure with my curly hair. I’d look terrible with a short cut, and would never be able to deal with the maintenance of a bob.

What's your go-to lip shade?

 A bright red or hot pink!

Do you have a signature scent? 

I have a vast arsenal of fragrances but my three signatures are Marni, Valentino Valentino, and Creed Aventus. I’m also very fond of my collection of Chloe fragrances.

What are your some of your favorite blogs to read?

 Perez, The Glitter Guide, Cut Blog, Fashionista, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, Mashable, Babble, Nicolette Mason, StyleCaster/Beauty High…and Glam, of course!

What are some of your blogging goals?

Do you see yourself blogging five or ten years from now? To be rich, famous, and to have a personal assistant who runs my life. (If only!) In all seriousness, my goal is to always evolve. With every year, I hope for bigger and better partnerships, increased editorial coverage, to travel more (and cover other fashion weeks abroad), and to just stay open-minded. When I started my blog, the idea of getting products to test—let alone fashion week invitations—was a fantasy. Now it’s the norm and at such a high volume that I can’t even keep up with my inbox. Who knows where the industry and my site will take me in 5–10 years? At some point in that time frame I plan on entering mom-hood, so I’ll likely expand my site to have a column dedicated to testing baby products. In the meantime I’m very excited about my new blog, In His Clothes, and to feature stylish ladies that incorporate a piece of menswear into their look.

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Jill Seiman is a freelance writer and digital media consultant living in New York City with her husband, two young sons, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She writes about her fashion, beauty, fitness, and travel adventures as an urban mom on her personal blog, Glamamom, and a daily beauty feature at Babble.