Glam Updates Classic Costumes: 8 Ideas For Fishnet Stockings


You're standing in front of your closet, trying to figure out what you can quickly throw together for that super last minute Halloween party invite, right? You're kicking yourself for not thinking about this sooner like the rest of your friends. Remember those fishnet stockings, the ones that you wore with your sexy referee costume back in college? The ones that are still in your drawer? Those will work for the eight outfits that we have in mind. Don't worry, you'll look more sophisticated this time around–we promise.

An Ice Cream Cone
Follow us here: the fishnet stockings can be the cone, wear a white dress, and let your baubles around your neck act as the sprinkles! A red beret could as the cherry on top.

Legally Blonde Elle Woods… as a Bunny
Transform into Reese Witherspoon's character with hot pink fishnets, a light pink leotard, and bunny ears, naturally.

Vegas Showgirl
Keep things classy in a short sequin dress, lucite heels–they're apparently making a comeback–and a head piece. Vegas, here you come!

1920's Flapper
Recreate a Great Gatsby moment in the roaring '20s with a drop waist dress, sparkly flats and a sequin headpiece. Oh, and a cigarette holder for added effect!

A Fish
Imagine that the fishnet stockings are your scales, add a scalloped sequin dress and you'll be the most GLAM fish in the sea!

Blue Ivy's mom is on record saying that she doubles on Wolford fishnets. Throw on a leotard and the sequin blazer she announced her first child in and you'll be ready to scream “Crazy in Love” at the top of your lungs.

80's Prom Queen
The '80s wasn't all bad; think all of the big hair and bright lips! Throw on a poufy one-shoulder number, a sash, fishnets, and perhaps a few smudges of mascara and you'll be good to go.

A Ballerina
Thanks to Black Swan, the ballerina costume is sweet no more. Channel the Rodarte look with a black tutu, black fishnets, and a tiara.

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