Glee-k Out Your Nails with Sephora by OPI


Fact: We're 1000% obsessed with Glee. OBSESSED. Every week we're singing along to every campy song, and we find a bit of ourselves in each and every character—but Rachel, Mercedes, Artie, Quinn, Puck, and Kurt happen to be our absolute faves. That's why we were BEYOND overjoyed to hear that Sephora by OPI is launching a limited-edition Glee collection. (The more Glee, the better we always say.)

The collection includes seven vibrant hues that are just as colorful as the show's characters, and so are the polish names. (Slushied, Miss Bossy Pants, and Who Let the Dorks Out are just awesome.)

Fellow Glee-ks, mark your calendars; you'll be able to Glee-k your fingertips out in February! They'll be available for purchase at for $9.50 each, or $22 for a mini set of three.

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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