Gleeful Chitchat With Charice

Tonight marks the return of pint-sized YouTube sensation Charice to Glee. Glam chatted with the up-and-coming vocal powerhouse about her return to the hit show, her new song, and how the Internet has helped to shape the careers of so many young stars.

In tonight’s episode, your character returns to help the glee club, but does she have another agenda?
That's funny, because even me I don't know! But I think that's why I'm very excited as well because I don't know what's going to happen next after this. I'm very excited to know what's going to happen to my character – is she a spy or is she really going to help the glee club? It's been a very interesting story, so I can't wait.

Sunshine brought out the dark side in Rachel the first time she appeared on the show, will there be a difference this time around?

I'm not sure if there's any difference in this episode! My character's going to try to help the glee club, but Rachel's not going to like the idea. So I think it's still going to be the same Rachel Berry, but I'm looking forward to what's going to happen next.

How do you feel about performing “All By Myself” in tonight’s episode?

It feels great! I’m very excited to see it. I feel really blessed to be a part of this show. So when they gave me the song “All By Myself,” I was really happy because I’ve been singing that song forever and I love Celine Dion. That’s why I’m very excited for you guys to see it.

Will Sunshine and Rachel have another singing showdown?
Well, my character Sunshine's looking forward to having another showdown with Rachel Berry, but I don't know! I have no idea what's going to happen next after this episode, so I think we should just watch out for it.
What have you enjoyed the most since your start on the show?
Getting to know all of the cast. I’m a Gleek and so when I found out I was going to be a part of it, I got really excited. And when I met them, they made me feel really comfortable. It’s just really amazing to see them — they’re very playful. It’s amazing to get to know them and having the time to bond with them.

How has your life changed since the first time you appeared on the show?
Glee is one of the best [places] to be seen. A lot of people they recognize me right now because they’ll be like ‘I know you – I’ve seen you on Glee.’ So it’s really helped me, my career and my life, and I just want to thank them.

Since Glee does so many covers, is there anything they haven’t done that you’d like to sing?
I would like to cover Beyonce songs, but if they gave me the chance I think I would sing my own songs. I have a new song coming out, it’s called “Before It Explodes” and it was written by Bruno Mars. It’s a heart breaking song but it’s a great song, and I love singing [it].

Since you got your start on YouTube, what do you think of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday?”
I think it’s incredible how it works. It’s crazy that I’ve been hearing it everywhere, and I just want to congratulate Rebecca for that.

Since we mentioned Rebecca Black and since Darren Criss is on the show from A Very Potter Musical, do you think YouTube’s becoming a platform for viral artists like yourself?

Well for me, I think sort of. I mean it’s amazing how [YouTube viewers] like me and Darren. I know how they feel. I think that’s one Glee’s goals – to help teenagers make their dreams come true. It’s amazing. I love it.