Go Behind the Scenes of Emma Stone’s Revlon Shoot


We love Emma Stone’s effervescence, and she’s showing it off in her newest spot for Revlon’s freshest ColorBurst Lip Crayons.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star set the scene with John Cameron Mitchell behind the camera in a pink party dress surrounded by a slew of balloons in different finishes, representing the new matte and lacquer finishes that will be available this spring. “Shiny or matte: Just depends on the day!” she said between takes of The Red Balloon-inspired video.

Stone already added the crayon to her daily must-haves, which include her phone, keys, a notebook or regular book, and a pen. Speaking of crayons, though she admits she writes more than scribbles (after all, she wanted to be a journalist before she got into acting), surprisingly Stone tended to stay in the lines as a kid. “I drew inside the lines once I understood the concept of drawing inside lines,” she joked, “I followed direction. I followed the rules most of the time. I was a boring kid.”

With the New Year finally here, most make a list of resolutions. And just like the rest of us, Stone tends to forget what they are by the time the year ends. “Last year I made resolutions, and I wrote them down,” she said, “but I haven’t looked at them since New Year’s Eve.” Glad to know we’re not the only ones!

Want to peek behind the scenes? Take a look at the clip below: