Going Home After Graduation? Renovate Your Childhood Room

It might be a drag to go from a free-for-all college lifestyle to the more sheltered setting of your childhood home. But even if you’ve found yourself back at your parents’ after graduation, there are ways to update the childish style of your pre-college space to a more sophisticated sphere to conduct your fervent post-grad job search. Paula Berberian, Creative Director of WallPops – the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art from Brewster Home Fashions – provides a few simple tips on how to graduate to a more grown-up look.

Brighten up your desk space while keeping all of your résumés, applications and writing samples organized with colorful storage boxes, especially id color-coding is your thing. Berberian recommends trying the Semikolon Document Box Spring Collection or the Bright Stockholm Office Storage Boxes to organize your desk space with a pop of color.

Transform your walls without touching a drop of paint! WallPops by Jonathan Adler's line of peel-and-stick wall art can help you achieve an updated, chic wall design. The easily applicable mix-and-match Dots, square Blox and Stripes allow you to create any kind of design you desire. The Wall Art Kits each have a different theme, including the new Bargello Wave Kit or Hollywood Kit, so you can find one to fit your own personal style.

To modernize old pieces of furniture, try on a neutral slipcover. Berberian suggests using Every Slipcover for inexpensive covers in a variety of colors and sizes.

Tie your new bedroom look together with a fashionable carpet in a bold, trendy print. Even though stepping away from juvenile designs, PBTeen has a variety of carpets that just might be chic enough to include in your young adult room. These tips can certainly help make any childhood bedroom feel like a more mature place – or at least enough to make mom and dad’s house more bearable until you can find a place of your own.