Golden Dainty Details


Despite our professed love for oversized cocktail rings, layers of necklaces, and collections of bracelets, there are times where we opt for jewelry that’s a little more, shall we say, minimal. While a piece of statement jewelry does just that, sometimes it’s refreshing to throw on a delicate gold chain and a couple of threadbare rings, thus taking a more a laid-back approach to accessorizing. Gold jewelry is a classic, so we’re welcoming some covetable dainty details (each with a fresh spin!) into our jewelry boxes with open arms…necks…wrists…ears…and fingers.

1. Bauble Bar Slim Gold Crystal Bangle, available at for $52
2. Sydney Evan 14K Evil Eye Single Stud Earring with Diamonds and Sapphire, available at for $310
3. Jennifer Meyer Bar Necklace, available at for $1,650
4. Jennifer Zeuner Yellow Gold Chelsea Horitzontal Necklace, available at for $540
5. Catbird Diamond Baguette Ring, available at for $320
6. Fallon Pearl Palm Cuff, available at for $175
7. Jacquie Aiche JA Graduated Bezel Hand Chain, available at for $297
8. Tai Pave Pyramid Pinch Bracelet, available at for $105
9. Eva Fehren Champagne Diamond and Yellow Gold X Ring, available at for $4,345