Golden Girl: Why Pamela Love Dipped Into Fine Jewelry


When the case for adornment is up for discussion—especially when contemplating how to edge up a look in time for spring and its accompanying festival season—one jeweler comes to mind: Pamela Love. Her namesake label is all things eclectic and distinct, marked by semiprecious stones, ethically sourced metals, and bold shapes that are anything but delicate. This spring, Love is melding that ethos with a pursuit of the finer things.

“I love fine [jewelry],” she shared at the debut of her first fine jewelry collection, Pamela Love Fine, hosted along with LoveGold in Los Angeles. “I actually started in fine and then had moved into fashion jewelry. So it was just natural for me to want to move back to it at some point.”

After managing to pull my ogling eyes away from gold and rose gold iterations of her classic silver and brass designs, I spoke with Love about her fine ambitions, love of Stevie Nicks, and shooting for the moon… literally.

Where did you draw inspiration for your fine jewelry collection?

It was a lot of travel. Really looking at motifs from around the world. I’ve always been heavily inspired by astrology and astronomy, so there’s a lot of references to the moon, and to the phases of the moon, but there’s also references to traditional Moroccan architecture and African adornment. It’s all sort of trying to stay true to my main line and true to the core of my brand DNA.

You’ve been designing fashion jewelry since 2006 and it seems like your fine jewelry is sort of a way to grow and evolve with your customers. How does it feel to intersect the fine versus fashion jewelry world?

I don’t think it’s a matter of fine versus fashion. I think everyone’s going to buy more affordable, costume pieces that they can pile on for an event, or have an effect. But I think everybody has their special fine pieces that they wear everyday that mean something to them. And I think it’s just very personal. I say buy what you have a real, emotional reaction to. It really is a personal thing. For me, that’s how it is. Certain pieces, I can’t take them off. When I have them on I feel special, I feel different, I feel more strong. And for me, that’s how I decide what I’m going to wear.

What’s the story behind your favorite piece in the collection?

My favorite piece is actually called the Luna Ring. It’s two crescent moons in white diamonds, and a central moon that’s made of opal, and it’s set in 18-carat gold. It’s my favorite. I can’t explain why in words, but I just don’t want to take it off. When I’m wearing it, I think it’s the most beautiful thing, and I can’t stop staring at it. It makes my hands look better, it makes me feel better.

What advice do you have for the customer who’s looking to be more experimental with their accessories?

I’m not a huge stacker, but I do love mixing metals. That rule [that says] you should do all gold or all silver is silly. I love to mix rose gold with yellow gold, silver with gold, platinum with gold. I think it’s about mixing tones.

Is there a person you feel embodies Pamela Love Fine?

I love Stevie Nicks. I wouldn’t mind if she had some of it.