Gracie Gold is a Makeup Maven of Olympic Proportions


Gracie Gold is set to melt the ice in Sochi as she makes her Olympic debut, but not without her red lip and fantastical nail art intact. The CoverGirl-certified skater sat down with Glam before her Sochi debut to talk all things beauty where gushed about her favorite beauty buys and how she’s gearing up for the competition.

Gold clearly isn’t afraid of color but she does shy away from blush – after all, she’s going to work up a flush from her turn on the ice. Aside from her signature bold lip, Gold loves a bit of bronzer and loads of lashes to play up her pallor. “I definitely do more than 60 strokes when it comes to my mascaras,” Gold said. “ Even when I know they’re nice and long, I’ll still add 3 or 4 coats. [I have] the Clump Crusher and now the Bombshell, so I don’t have to have 3 mascaras in one hand in the car.” Don’t worry; she’s not the one behind the wheel, her sister is.

While the meets might seem glamorous once she’s on the ice, Gold is the one primping and pumping herself up before she straps on her skates – no makeup artists needed. “Sometimes at shows, they’ll have professional makeup artists,” she admitted. “At regular competitions and practice events, for the amount of skaters, there’s not enough artists. But it’s kind of fun to do your own makeup; it’s just a pre-competition ritual.”

Gold comes prepped with a big bag of tricks to every show, namely her duffle bag that’s now full of CoverGirl staples. But for all of her glamorous goodies, there are some looks that won’t make it to Sochi, including the crowd-pleasing “All That Jazz,” her favorite piece to perform. “A lot of people do the smoky eye, but sometimes on the ice you can’t see all of the colors, so it looks a little heavy,” Gold revealed. “The cat eye is really popular for skating because it’s definite [and] looks attractive.” The choice always comes down to the mood of the piece she’s performing. “If you’re doing a Phantom of the Opera number, the more the merrier,” she said.

She loves to treat herself with deep-tissue massages and facials if she can get a break in between competitions. “Getting facials always helps,” she explained. “It just clears everything out, and it makes you feel better. Just being kind to yourself and taking it easy.”