Green is the New Black: Why Stylish Celebs Are Turning to Pre-Loved Clothes


Hand-me-downs, vintage, second-hand, pre-loved–call already worn clothing what your want, but definitely reconsider their relevance in the world of shopping.

We talked buying habits and the relevancy of your shopping habits with Rosario Dawson and Maggie Grace at the 9th Annual Green Gatsby Gala to benefit Global Green USA–how often you buy something new, the type of pieces you purchase used, and how these fashion choices and your carbon footprint are tied together.

First, they suggest getting in the habit of reworking the clothing you already own when you're itching for a new look. “The stuff in your closet is the most eco-conscious outfit you have,” comments Grace. Adds Dawson, “If you actually pay attention to the dresses I wear on half the red carpets you'll see I recycle stuff all the time. I just change it up with something else. I think that's always important, instead of buying new things all the time….That's a huge consumption cycle and there's a lot a waste that's a part of it. It's great to find things you really love and to wear that and enjoy that.”

True that, ladies! But we're only human, and there are too many brilliant pieces out in the world of fashion to simply forgo buying brand new forever. The green girls had tips for purchasing from your favorite shops as well. Says Grace, “I think really choosing things that last, that are timeless pieces, and not choosing disposable fashion.” The one must-have classic will always remain relevant in your closet according to Dawson? “Your little black dress, of course!” She also suggests “going to vintage places and finding little pieces,” like one of a kind treasures that will make your style stand out (and serve as a reminder that clothing always outlast the owners).

How do you display environmental consciousness in your style and shopping habits? Check out our tips for buying vintage to get in on the green-fashion action!