Gucci is 2011’s Most Searched Fashion Brand

Gucci continues to reign supreme. If search is any indication, the venerable design house had a very good year. According to Bing, Gucci was the #1 most searched fashion brand for the second year in a row. Chanel tumbled from #2 to #5 and more affordable brands like J.Crew and Guess also made the top 10 list. And as much as solid designs and status matter, so too does scandal. John Galliano's newsworthy antics and tumultuous 2011, made him the #9 most searched. Check out the rankings to see how your favorite label stacked up:

Top Searched Fashion Brands On Bing in 2011

1. Gucci
2. Ralph Lauren
3. Y-3
4. Louis Vuitton
5. Chanel
6. Guess
7. J. Crew
8. Chanel
9. John Galliano
10. Burberry