Guiliana Rancic Loves to Break Beauty Rules


We makeup mavens know all about balancing beauty looks, but Guiliana Rancic likes to toss the rule book out when it comes to getting gussied up.

“You know, beauty wise, there’s always [that rule] if you do a dark eye, you do a nude lip and if you do a bold lip you do a light eye? I’m totally against it,” she explained backstage at Dennis Basso. “I’m starting a new trend. I’m doing the dark lip and dark eyes.”

And it doesn’t stop there! As busy as the E! News correspondent is covering the shows, she doesn’t keep a fashion week survival kit, except for her phone and a few beauty long-lasting beauty musts. “[I have] a good lipsticks, a good shadow…my phone,” she shared. “My phone will get me out of any disaster!”

One thing we’d recommend: a extra charger, just in case.