Guilt-Free Indulgence: Movie Musicals

If you snuck a peek at our iPod, mixed amongst the rock, pop, and dance you’d be surprised to find a slew of movie musical soundtracks. We have no shame when it comes to belting it out and acting along to our favorite scenes. We’ve compiled short list of our favorites, but be forewarned: the Broadway bug may just bite you!

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

“God, That’s Good;” who knew cannibalism could be so entertaining? Tim Burton’s adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical transformed his mainstays, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, into the Demon Barber of Fleet Street and his baker, Mrs. Lovett. The gruesome twosome take London by storm to get revenge on the ‘great’ Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman), who destroyed Todd’s family fifteen years before, and rescue his daughter, Johanna (Jayne Wisener). In between improving the recipe of “The Worst Pies in London,” Lovett plans for a new life for them ”By the Sea,” but everything comes full bloody circle back to the barber and his wife.


In New York, everything is “Rent.” At the beginning of AIDS awareness, a group of bohemians cross paths on Christmas. In one year, each tries to forge their own path against corporate America forming around them. Mark (Anthony Rapp) tries to finish his groundbreaking documentary; Roger tries to write the perfect song and falls in love; Mimi (Rosario Dawson) struggles with her HIV status and addiction; Maureen (Indina Menzel) and Joanne (Tracie Thomas) try to keep their relationship alive; and Tom (Jesse L. Martin) and Angel (Wilson Jermaine Heredia) work to make the most of the time they have left together. Each learns that “What You Own” won’t make you happy without the people you love by your side. Viva “La Vie Boheme!”

Rocky Horror Picture Show

It is one night you’ll remember for a very long time. The cult classic “Science Fiction, Double Feature” chronicles the odd tale of Brad Majors (Barry Bostiwk) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) as they encounter aliens from the planet of Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. They meet “Sweet Transvestite”, Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mad scientist who creates a boy toy to be used at his disposal. As the aliens ensnare the young couple in a “Time Warp”, a mutiny of rock ’n’ roll and frivolity erupts, leaving the fate of the couple unknown.


“Wilkommen” to the cabaret of life. This was Liza Minelli’s breakthrough role as an American singer named Sally Bowles who lives in Berlin during the Weimar Republic. Directed by Bob Fosse, Bowles befriends English student, Brian Roberts (Michael York), and introduces him to the world of the Kit Kat Club. The pair becomes entangled with playboy millionaire Maximilian von Heune, only to be tossed aside with a hefty envelope of “Money, Money” and a baby on the way. Sally chooses the “Cabaret” over becoming a wife and mother with Brian returning to England.


Life is more than dancing, drinking, and “All That Jazz.” Set in the roaring ‘20s, Renée Zelleweger plays the fame hungry Roxie Hart, who murders her lover after discovering he won’t make her a star. After her “Funny Honey,” Amos, refuses to save her, she ends up in Cook County Jail with Velma Kelly, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. With the help of their lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), each work to bend the ear of the media with “Razzle Dazzle” to avoid the gallows for their crimes. But after their fifteen minutes of fame are up, they realize they “Can’t Do It Alone” and team up to tour Vaudeville.