Gwyneth Paltrow Guests on Ask Dr. Brandt

Recently we tuned in to Sirius-XM’s Stars107 station to listen to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Frederic Brandt's radio show, Ask Dr. Brandt, where he interviewed the gorgeous GOOP goddess. The multi-talented star dished about her cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, beauty tips, and cleanses. Below, a few excerpts.

On her cookbook, My Father’s Daughter: It’s basically easy, simple recipes made for busy people, working people who want to also be in the kitchen and quickly prepare things for themselves, their spouse, their partner, their kid. It’s on a healthy bent, but there are some delicious indulgences in there but also very healthy ways to eat and good substitutes for different foods. I break down different alternative flours that you can use. It’s a very flexible book – you can use it as a guide to make things as healthy or as naughty as you want.

On working with trainer Tracy Anderson: It’s totally great working with her. She’s completely changed my body. It’s so funny because I’m doing a movie here in town. It’s called Thanks for Sharing and it’s very funny, it’s about sex addiction. I play the girlfriend of a recovering sex addict, and I had this scene last night where I had to be in lingerie. And I thought, “Thank God for Tracy Anderson.” Ten years ago I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing that.

On her daily health routine: For me, sleep is a major thing. If I can get some sleep, I know it’s going to be a good day. I drink tons of water and I'm very religious with my vitamins.I always have a coffee at least once. That’s my thing, and I have it with almond milk when I’m trying to be good or heavy cream. Then I exercise and then I do a green juice as well. I put in all of my vitamins in the blender and I put in tons of kale and I put in lemon and whatever other ingredients I may have, like limes because the more bitter they are, the better. Those are good to flush out your liver. I add some water, and then I blend it up and strain it so it gets all the fiber in there. For lunch, I usually like to have a lean protein and some vegetables, like I’ll have chicken breast or salmon and lots of vegetables. I also like to eat a lot of beans stuff like that. Dinner is where I really go off the rails. If I’m home, I’ll make something healthy, but if I go out then I’m like a real French fry and red wine person.

On detoxes and cleanses: I do believe eating healthy helps eliminate toxins, but I also believe we live in an incredibly toxic world. Our bodies are not meant to tolerate all of the toxins that we’re exposed to every day. Because of that, I try to do a detox at least once a year sometimes twice a year. I find it very rejuvenating, and I always feel amazing. I do all these different kinds. I do this Clean Program a lot that I really love with an elimination diet. It’s like being high it’s incredible. Sometimes I do fasts if I don’t want to do the three-week program.

On her number one beauty tip: Sex! Just kidding. I think feeling happy and positive, like trying to push out negative and pessimistic thoughts.

For more beauty and skincare advice, tune in to Ask Dr. Brandt Saturdays at 1:00 pm EST on SiriusXM Stars, channel 107.