Hair 101: Shining Locks and the Chic Hair Accessories to Match


Step 1: Smooth down those stressed tresses.
You may have picked up the cutest hair trinket imaginable, but with lifeless, frizzy strands your sparkling accessory won’t have its chance to shine. Imagine your tresses as the canvas for your new clip or headband—you want a smooth, sleek base for your bauble. Invest in daily haircare products that will help you achieve this. Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion™ Shine Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil to provide long-lasting conditioning for noticeably shinier hair. For ladies who dye, Suave Professionals® offers Moroccan Infusion™ Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to help you keep color vibrant while enhancing shine.

Step 2: Choose your accessory and the corresponding hairstyle.

An embellished clasp:
Part your styled tresses in the middle, picking up a small section of hair from each side and clipping them together in the back with a shiny hair ornament.
ASOS Stone Hair Brooch, available at for $13.58

The geometric headband:
Pin your hair into a messy bun and tuck the headband behind your ears, placing strands over the sides to cover the metal band. With frizz-free hair, your casual updo won’t look haphazard and sloppy next to your ultra-modern accessory.
Textured Shape Forehead Band, available at Topshop for $20

Colorful clips:
Create a deep part and pin back the thicker side with colorful bobby pins, starting alongside your temple and lining the clips side by side to the top of your cheekbone. Leave hair down or fasten it into a low side bun.
Enamel-Coated Hairpins, available at Madewell for $10.50