Hair 101: Skip the Salon – Get Glossy Locks at Home


You know how your hair always feels soft and looks ultra-shiny after you leave the salon? It’s possible to get that same gorgeous hair at home! Check out our three secrets for added shine that works with every hair texture, length, and style.

1. Cool Down
You don’t have to take a cold shower in the morning to achieve silky locks; just give your hair a blast of cool water right before you get out. Cold water seals the cuticle, leaving hair smooth. If you blow-dry, use the cold setting on your dryer as you finish up your styling routine for a similar effect.

2. Pick a Powerful Product
For silky-smooth locks with added shine, try oil. Authentic Moroccan argan oil absorbs instantly and is known to give brilliant shine and long-lasting conditioning benefits. Use two to three pumps of Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion™ Styling Oil on damp tresses after the shower to prepare for styling. You can also apply to dry hair as a finisher for additional shine. Depending on hair length and thickness, rub one to two pumps between your hands to warm up and gently run over hair’s surface, avoiding the roots.

3. Try a “Pre-Poo”
You can also use Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion™ Styling Oil as a pre-shampoo shine treatment. Section dry hair into three sections, and apply two to three pumps of product to each section. Comb through and leave in for five to seven minutes before washing as usual. And if you’re short on time, shampoo as usual, then add one to two drops to your conditioner for a quick shine boost.