Hair Color Overhaul Without the Commitment


If you’re bored with your tame old tresses, but a little hesitant to make a long-term commitment to a way-out-there ‘do, keep reading. Believe it or not, there are ways to achieve looks like Nicki Minaj’sever-changing styles without the damage, permanence or long visits to the hair salon that hair color usually costs us. Temporary hair color comes in spray, gel, powder, and mascara form and can take your everyday look to the next level. These punchy pigments have the power to transform your hair without making you feel like you might be making a huge mistake. Festive and non-committal, temporary hair color can give you pink highlights, bright blue tips, a purple-saturated ponytail or a whole lot of sparkle. Take your pick, or feel free to try ‘em all.

Sultra Hair Palette Hair Color Mascara, $24 at
Rita Hazan POP Color, $18 at
Nordstrom “Citrus Combo” Hair Chalk Set, $14.95 at
Fudge Glitter Blast Hairspray, $15.99 at
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