Hair Scare: How to Fix Fragile Strands


We’ll start with the bad news. Have you noticed that over time, your hair doesn’t seem as strong and resilient as it once was? It can be scary noticing more hair falling as you brush or wash/shampoo it. Thinning strands can be a result of environmental conditions like weather and pollution, or it can be attributed to overbrushing and heat-styling. Ready for the good news? You can fix this: L’Oréal’s clinically tested repairing hair-care line, Advanced Haircare, Triple Resist, contains arginine, which nourishes from root to tip. This essential amino acid makes hair up to three times stronger without leaving it limp and greasy. A major cause of thinning, brittle strands is a lack of moisture which is where L’Oréal’s Triple Resist Conditioner. Apply it as you would any conditioner, but pay special attention to your tips, where hair tends to be driest. Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb to avoid breakage when styling your hair post-shower. After combing, try using L’Oréal Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution on the ends; it’s formulated to refortify damaged tips and can reduce hair fall due to breakage by up to 64 percent. Beautiful, strong, and glossy locks are in your future—so don’t delay treating your hair with TLC.