Halftime How-To: Nail Beyonce’s Gold Chevron Super Bowl Manicure


Everyone is still talking about Beyoncé’s insane Super Bowl Halftime performance last night! From her tips to her toes, we couldn’t get enough of her fierce look. We instantly noticed the extra dose of shine she added to her leather-clad ensemble with a gold-on-gold chevron manicure and had to find a way to replicate the nail art for ourselves and share.

Solid Start: After starting with a base coat, apply at least two layers of a gold polish that has a chrome finish. Depending on the polish it might take more than a few coats for an opaque look.

Shape and Snip: You can use gold nail wraps to achieve the golden chevron stripes by first measuring which wraps will fit your nails. Then using small scissors or an X-Acto Knife to cut out the stripes as needed.

Rub On: Once nails are fully dry, follow the nail wraps’ instructions on applying the wrap to the polish. If you’re having trouble a pair of tweezers can come in handy if you can’t hold the small pieces. Rub the wrap so it sticks to the dried polish.

Add Some Shine: Seal in the nail art with a clear top coat for security and added shine and you’re set!

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