Halloween How-To: Fawn Over this Darling Deer Makeup Look


Blame it on Bambi, but whether they’re animated or found in nature, deer are the animals every person’s inner Disney princess wants to befriend. The endearing (get it?) creatures don’t usually come to mind for Halloween, making it a fun and fresh idea for a costume. Though the look can seem hard to accomplish without some artistic expertise, Glam looked to the Make Up For Ever Education team to help figure out how to channel our animal instinct this haunted holiday:

Cover Your Complexion:
Start by covering up your brows with spirit gum and plasto wax, but you can also use a glue stick to smooth things over. Sculpt the nose, the cheeks and the sides of the neck with the brown flashcolor from Make Up For Ever’s Falashcolor Palette. Add in the brand’s Clown White for the light areas near the center of the face, and your shade of HD Foundation on the rest of the face and to help blend dark lines before setting your face and neck with the Super Matte Loose with a Velvet Powder Puff.

Color and Contour:
Contour the browned areas of the cheek with the M100 Artist Shadow and intensify the highlights of the face with the 967 Star Diamond Powder. Then dot the brown areas with the white flashcolor using the Fine Eyeliner Brush. Next, use the Small Shader Brush and the Aqua Black to paint the muzzle on the underside of your nose. If you want a little more glitz to your look, you can apply Diamond Powder in 1 over the white dots.

Get Doe-Eyed and Darling:
After priming the eye, apply the Clown White on the eyelid up to the crease before setting with the Super Matte Loose. Line the upper and lower lash lines with the M10 Artist Liner, smudging gently out and upwards while avoiding the outer corners of the eye. Create the winged shape by imagining a line that extends from the lower lash line upwards to the end of the brow with the Artist Liner before blending with the Small Precision Crease Brush and setting with the M100 Artist Shadow. Create some depth to the crease by applying and blending the M518 Artist Shadow just above the crease and beneath the lower lash line. Then draw a cat eye with the Aqua Black and the Fine Eyeliner Brush, connecting the outer corners and creating a line towards the nose. Finish up the eye with a few swipes of Smoky Lash Mascara and Faux Lashes as desired.

Lock in the Lip:
Line the lips with the 5L Aqua Eyes before shading the outer corners for an ombre effect that draws the eye towards the center of the lip. For mega watt shine, apply a mix of the Diamond Powder in 1 and the Clear Super Lip Gloss. Grab a pair of antlers and practice your best animal pose for all of the Halloween party pictures!