Halloween How-To: Makeup Musts to Look Like a Living Doll


Life in plastic is fantastic (at least according to Aqua), and the dolls from our childhoods can easily inspire a costume that serves something sweet instead of scary for Halloween. As makeup mavens gear up to stretch their skills for the festive fall holiday, Glam turned to Illamasqua Brand Ambassador Zoe Peplow to show us how we can get all dolled up. Just add a frilly dress and a curly wig to the mix and you’re set to hit the streets to trick or treat.

To Shape the Brows and Eyes:
Start by defining your brows with Illasmasqua’s Brow Cake, using an angled brush to help you round out your brows and map the eye shape for the rest of the look. You can hide any unwanted hairs with a little Skin Base Lift and add more definition to the brows to look more animated. Next, buff the Vintage Metallix in Courtier into the lid, blending up to the brow.

To Create the Cut Crease:
Then buff the Powder Shadow in Incubus into the socket line to create the cut crease and blend it towards the brows as well. Apply the Obsidian powder shadow at the outer corners of the eye and blend it into the cut crease to create depth. Apply the Sex powder shadow underneath the brow to highlight and then use a blending brush to sweep it across the lid to blend all of the colors together.

To Exaggerate the Eye Size:
Apply the Elate Eye Coloring Pencil to the waterline and under the lash line. Draw a new lower lash line with the Precision Gel Liner under the natural lash line, blending out with a smolder brush and setting it with the Obsidian powder shadow. Line the top lash line with the gel liner to match and blend it into the cut crease. Applying the Lush False Eyelashes to the upper lashes and the No. 21 False Eye Lashes to the new lower lash line.

To Create the Rest of the Look:
Mix in a bit of the Furore Pure Pigment into the Skin Base Foundation of your shade to give it that flawless, plastic glow. Give your cheeks some life by applying a bit of the Laid Cream Blusher to the apples of the cheeks. Finish the look by giving your lips some sparkle by layering the Exquisite Sheer Lipgloss over the Sonnet Lipstick and kiss the costume competition goodbye.