Halloween How-To: Spooky Eye Manicure


Ghouls and ghosts are commonplace this time of the year, but rarely do you see any in real life. Though throwing on a sheet and calling it a day has been passé for a while, it doesn’t mean you can’t channel the spirits this Halloween in a different way – no Ouija board required. We turned to GelishManicure expert Danielle Candido to show us how to snag this spooky look and ensure all eyes will be on us.

After prepping the nail for a regular Gelish manicure, apply a thin coat of the MINI Foundation, capping the free edge, and cure for 45 seconds with the LED Light. Then apply two thin coats of the MINI Black Shadow to the entire nail bed, curing for 45 seconds after each coat. Next, use the larger end of the dotting tool to place two dots of the MINI Sheek White next to each other, and cure for 45 seconds before using the smaller end of the dotter t o apply the pupils in Black Shadow to the eyes.

Once you’ve cured the pupils for 45 seconds, seal the look with a thin coat of the MINI Top It Off Sealer and cure for another 45 seconds. To get rid of the sticky finish, apply the MINI Nail Surface Cleanser to a lint-free nail wipe and nourish the nails with a drop of the brand’s cuticle oil.