Happy Holidays, #GlamFam!


We’ve been in the holiday spirit for quite some time now, but the holidays have finally arrived. At last, we can exchange the gifts we’ve wrapped, debut the tablescapes we’ve crafted, eat up the treats we’ve cooked—and, of course, enjoy it all among friends and family. Before the most wonderful time of the year comes and goes, be sure to infuse it all with a whole lot of Glam. Here’s how…

  1. If you haven’t already, consult the December edition of GlamStyle for 35 inspiring ways to make the season sparkle.
  2. Make sure all your girlfriends’ stockings are stuffed with ample amounts of beauty products.
  3. Score a super glittery mani, obvi.
  4. Pack wisely! Whether you’re off to an exotic locale or jus traveling home for the holidays, Michelle Phan has amazing tips for packing your bag the right way.
  5. Break out the bubbly…and the hot chocolate.
  6. And have a get-fit plan of attack in order for when it’s all over.