Haute Holiday Decorating From Christmas to New Year’s

The holidays are here again. And what does that mean for the modern home dweller?… Lots of parties and gatherings! Here to give you a some tips and ideas is New York based interior designer David Scott. Happy decorating!

Easy Ways to Set the Mood in Your Home for Entertaining
Candlelight and festive music are essential elements at a volume that is conversation friendly. Be sure to clear away unnecessary home accessories knick-knacks creating ample space for placing drinks and bites.

Choose the Best Style With Regard to Your Festivities
Seasonal touches are always great…. Be sure to stay away from gimmicky and crafty accessories; look for elegant items instead.

Charm Your Guests With Lavish Touches
Fresh flowers provide a fabulous fragrance that will brighten and give warmth to a room. Keep a simple color paletteand choose from popular cold weather trends that include rich tones and icy hues.

Create a Table That Will Set the Whole Holiday Atmosphere
Presentation is everything. Light-colored table cloths reflect the light and add elegance to any setting. Keep a simple table by avoiding huge centerpieces that will interfere with conversation and interaction.

Add Glamour to Your Party and Make Your Guests Feel Special With a Gift
A gift bag from the host/hostess is always sweet touch. Add some special chocolates in a charming gift box at each place setting. For example, I had a birthday party at Four Points at a large table with decorative flower arrangements along with a gift bag for each guest. A parting gift from the host/hostess is great way to end the night.

Stock Up on Bits and Bites
Choose easy, delicious and highly indulgent eats like a variety of finger foods. A simple fruit and cheese plate can be more glamorous if displayed on a gorgeous slate board or marble slab. Creatively present vegetable crudité in vertical glasses as opposed to a big plate. It's always important to keep a fully stocked bar with plenty of beer, special holiday punch and/ or wines.