Haute Holiday Hair: The Scoop From The Drybar Founder Alli Webb


At the opening of Drybar's latest salon, located in San Francisco's bustling Union Square area, we caught up with the gal who made peace, love, and blowouts our mantra to live by, founder Alli Webb herself! Having started the Drybar franchise less than four years ago, you'd think that with 30+ shops already open and a full line of top-notch tools and products lining the shelves, Webb would be ending the year on a quieter note. Hardly! The empress of the blowout empire isn't slowing down anytime soon, and we're loving it. She hinted at a slew of stylish new Drybar features currently in the works, including more locations, a special satin pillow that won't undo your 'do, a more volumizing shampoo and conditioner line, and even an additional style on the blow-out menu (tentatively a straighter take on the “Mai-Tai”). Looks like our hair is going to be even hotter in 2014!

Until then, however, we'll be focusing the attention on our current woe: achieving stylish tresses for the holiday season. Between office parties, festive dinners, and friendly gift exchanges, there's a slew of events on everyone's agenda this season, and thus plenty of reasons to go the extra mile for haute hair. Webb says that big hair is the perfect complement to the sparkling holiday dresses you'll be sporting for the festivities. “People are loving big hair these days. Big hair, lots of volume, lots of bounce, lots of curls. I feel like it's so festive.” And if you're looking to put you locks in an up-do, try the '60s for inspiration. “I am also really digging the mod, Brigitte Bardot look, with big hair and a tease up in the crown,” explains Webb. She suggests either asking for a glamorous “Southern Comfort” with the sides pinned back or a simple but chic chignon/loose bun with a side part and a lot of volume.

The perfect finish for your 'do should be a bit unpolished. As Glam and Webb agreed: “Undone is in.” Add a clip or headband if you're in need of extra embellishment and enjoy your fun, bouncy hair this holiday season!