Haute Holiday Secrets with Erin Fetherston


The holidays are here, and everyone’s creating their shopping list and checking it twice. Even Radioshack is pitching in with a fresh pop-up shop that opened Tuesday night in the heart of Times Square. Erin Fetherston was on hand to support her hubby Gabe Saporta, who took to the ones and twos with an enviable playlist, to celebrate the shop’s opening.

While Fetherston is a fan of all things Mac, we had to know what else was on her shopping list this year. As it turns out, she keeps things very personal. “I like giving really beautiful vintage books on a topic you feel resonates with someone,” she explained. “This year I’m going to give some of my favorite tea, which is special and smells really amazing – people love it.”

She also keeps it close to home for holiday celebrations after recently spending Thanksgiving with family in the Napa Valley. “We always play croquet during the holidays, which is kind of a un-holiday thing to do, but it’s fun,” she said. But the ultimate ingredient to a haute holiday soiree? Fetherston offered an instant crowd pleaser: “A lot of pink champagne.” And who can argue with that?