Haute Topic: Pretty Prints for Tops and Bottoms



Put down the boring single-color outfits and learn to embrace prints. If we've learned anything this season, it's that the notion of clashing has gone out the window when it comes to style. Plaid and floral is a completely acceptable combination, as is stripes in opposing directions. Diversify your wardrobe this summer: Here are a few prints that will elevate your style, even if print mixing is a skill you're just beginning to acquire.

1. Merona Drapey Maxi Dress, $32.99

2. Merona 3/4 Woven Blouse, $24.99

3. Xhileration Tank, $9.99

4. Mossimo Kimono, $18

5. Mossimo Printed Shorts, $19.99

6. Mossimo Scuba Skirt, $12