Have Your Eureka Moment With Christos Garkinos on HSN


In anticipation of the debut of Eureka by Christos Garkinos on HSN, we got a chance to catch up with the designer himself, who also happens to be the man behind the ultimate destination for vintage, Decades. As experienced as he is with hunting for fabulous treasures, this is Garkinos’ first foray into the world of design. He’ll be debuting his super-femme and ultra-wearable collection on HSN on Thursday, March 20th. The styles in his collection draw inspiration from the glamorous, elegant and daring qualities that he finds in vintage items. Each piece in the collection showcases a woman’s best assets in formfitting silhouettes that are always flattering. Read on for more about Christos’ inspiration and best tips for stocking your wardrobe this season.

How has your experience with vintage clothing helped you design this line for HSN? I am constantly inspired by all of the fabulous pieces that come in and out of Decades on a daily basis and for this collection, there were certain silhouettes that I really wanted to include. Like the Vanessa shirtdress, which is totally 90's grunge but with a more tailored fit and updated design elements like pleats that make it much more flattering than the original.

Where did you draw your inspiration for the designs? I feel lucky to have had so many sources of inspiration—the ideas were just totally a flowin' from the moment I sat down to design. Working in fashion for 15 years, stepping into some of the most incredible closets in the world and then thinking about my own friends and family are just some of the things that came into play when I created this collection.

How did you first get involved with HSN and how has the experience been? The conversation started last year after my show aired on Bravo and everything moved into place pretty quickly after that. The whole team is lovely; it's been an amazing experience!

What are 5 basic clothing (and/or accessory) items that every woman should have in her closet and why?

1. The LBD, because she should always have something that makes her feel beautiful.

2. A black pump that is both sexy and functional, even if it is just for the walk from the car to the restaurant!

3. A timeless handbag that dresses up or down and can fit everything you could ever need for work and play.

4. A perfectly tailored blazer because it makes you look polished and makes your favorite pair of jeans look dynamite.

5. Chic sunglasses are your best friend, because, well, if you're anything like me and love a good night out, they are just about the only cure for looking fabulous the morning after.

What's something that's worth a splurge? What's something that's not worth a splurge at all? I would say a classic bag in a neutral color that you can wear your entire life and it will never go out of style, and then you can pass it along to your daughter. It may seem obvious, but you should be really careful about spending too much on trendy items. That's what Decades is for!