Headphones as Fashion – Listen to the Coolest New Accessories


There was once a time when headphones were basic and boring. They didn’t come in cool colors or fun patterns. They weren’t customized to display individual style. And if they were kinda cute, maybe they didn’t work so great. Those were the dark days of headphone design. Now thanks to visionaries like Dr. Dre and his Beats, there’s a new day. Now headphones come in every color and style you can imagine – and quite a few you haven’t yet. Allow us to share some of the coolest headphones we’ve seen on the scene recently!

Monster Headphones are one of the most popular brands on the market, and with good reason. These headphones bump hard, and the bass impact will leave you impressed as a listener. The Monster Inspiration headphones are their intentionally fashionable collection, and they look great while they bang. They fold up into a cool leather pouch, and the limited edition headbands come with studded and leather details that other headphones haven’t matched the cool factor of. Yet.

Urbanears come in just about every color you can imagine, from basic black to riotous red, purple, yellow and orange. If bold hues aren’t your thing, consider a pair of Plattan headphones in tweed or denim – they’ve got those too. The sound quality is excellent enough that Urbanears are the official headphones used by superstar DJ Jillionaire of Major Lazer, and other tastemakers on the DJ scene.

Frends are those cool gold and white headphones that every fashionista was rocking during Fashion Week. They’re stylish AND considerate, ensuring not to mess up your earrings when you wear them. The Layla and Taylor models are fabulous golden cones that make your ears look fabulous, and deliver great sound quality to match the look.

Ladybuds by Handcandy are like jeweled accessories through and through. Choose a style that goes with your overall aesthetic and be prepared to spark a conversation – these are statement headphones! Beaded, bright and bold, they retail for $40.

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