Healthy Skin Begins From the Inside Out


Remember the bright and beautiful skin you were born with? Over time, environmental irritants, dryness, and makeup dull our clear and healthy complexions. It’s a fact: Exfoliants are necessary for revealing the gorgeous skin that’s hiding underneath a dry, uneven layer. The best way to remove the dead cells and show off the healthy, radiant skin that’s hiding below the surface is with a gentle exfoliant. AVEENO® ACTIVE NATURALS® Skin Brightening Daily Scrub combines smooth, round microbeads and moisture-rich ACTIVE NATURALS®Total Soy Complex to reveal brighter, more radiant skin while you cleanse. We love this product because unlike other top exfoliants, it’s gentle enough for everyday use. It won’t dry out your complexion, pores will appear smaller, and your skin tone will appear more even. What’s not to love? Reveal the healthy skin you have inside and get glowing!