Heidi Klum Flashes Forward for Halloween 2013


Though we praised Rihannafor channeling Medusa on the 25th anniversary cover of British GQ, it's Heidi Klum who rules as the queen of dress-up each and every Halloween.

Over the years, she's bared no expense for her annual, celebrity-studded Halloween bash in the heart of New York City. Klum has pulled off a blood-sucking Lady Godiva, a gold-plated Predator, a Hindu goddess, and a life-sized black crow—and that was all before the turn of the decade. This year though, it looks like the Project Runway host is eyeing the future for her unparalleled guise.

Thanks to Instagram, we've got the scoop on Heidi's 2013 Halloween. Earlier today, she teased that she was going “into the future,” and later posted a selfie alongside makeup artists Bill Corso and Mike Marino, looking all Benjamin Button. Ok, she's too gorge to look like an old man, but Klum is serving quite the convincing centenarian face. We're not sure how this ties into her Scary Dollhouse theme, but, in true form, Klum will not disappoint.

What do you think Klum's costume will turn out to be?