Helen Mirren’s First L’Oréal Paris Ad is Here!


Helen Mirren does not need your seat on the bus, according to her new video spot for L’Oréal Paris, and we don’t doubt her.

She’s joined the likes of Jessica Lange, Charlotte Rampling, and now Joan Didion and Joni Mitchell as the latest faces of fashion and beauty campaigns. But, Mirren’s first clip marks her as one of the few who actually addresses her age in the ads. She’s featured in the clip receiving a seat at the bus stop offered by a young girl, asking, “Ever feel like you go unnoticed, and when you are…” she notes that it’s for the wrong reasons. In lieu of an ageless face, Mirren notes that she wants skincare that will help her look like herself.

When she means herself, she means all facets, including her inner badass, as she steps out in a bold red lip, an LBD, and a luxe leather moto jacket to do some boy watching out in London, where she’s the brand’s ambassador. As she concludes, “Grow another year bolder, look and feel more radiant. A perfect age is now!” Indeed!

Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out below: