Help Put an End to Skin Cancer


Terrifyingly, skin cancer is the deadliest form of cancer. On the upside, there's a very simple way that each and every one of us can actively work to prevent this. Wear sunscreen, every day.

In an effort to spread the message and raise awareness in hopes of lowering the number of men and women affected each year, L'Oreal is building a moment. On Tuesday, May 20th, at 5 pm EST, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, and influencers like you and me are taking to their social media profiles to create a thunderclap.

The It's That Worth It Thunderclap was created by L'Oreal in partnership with the Melonoma Research Alliance as part of a three year relationship. The beauty brand has dedicated themselves to raising over $750,000 in order to fund the new L’Oréal Paris-MRA Team Science Award. Money donated will go directly to research exploring the role of 16 variant genes as co-drivers in melanoma susceptibility, development and progression.

By taking to social media and relying on the platforms of celebrities and influencers, L'Oreal is counting on you to get the message across and put a stop to skin cancer. L'Oreal plans to donate $1 for each supporter who signs up for the Thunderclap and $1 for each L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare product sold in the U.S. – up to $250,000 during the year.

Sign up to take part in the Thunderclap, it's really that worth it.