Here Comes The Bride: Princess Kate’s Natural Royal Wedding Look

Well, isn't this interesting. Truly a laid-back DIY girl.

We'd heard rumors that Catherine Middleton would do her own makeup for her big day, but we didn't think she was serious. Apparently—she was. According to People, after a series of private makeup lessons with British makeup artist Arabella Preston, and fully knowing that over 2 BILLION people would be watching, Middleton picked up a few brushes and concealed her own blemishes, applied foundation to her own skin, groomed her own brows, slicked on her own lip gloss, and contoured her own cheeks. (In all honesty, she may have been a tad heavy-handed here.)

As for her hair, the new Duchess of Cambridge was determined to keep her look simple. Middleton called upon her longtime family hairstylists, Richard Ward and James Pryce, to take care of her tresses for her big day. Only, she reportedly told them that she wanted it to look 'natural—William must recognize me by the time I get to the altar.' That translated to her walking down the aisle at London's Westminster Abbey with glossy chocolate tresses styled in soft, romantic waves flowing down her back underneath her beautiful diamond tiara and veil.

And for her nails, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles graciouslytreated her new step-daughter-in-law to a pre-wedding manicure this morning by celebrity manicurist Marina Sandoval. Ever the simple girl, Middleton went for understated with a combination of Essie in Allure and Bourjois in Rose Lounge.