Here’s Your Chance to Find Kate Moss


Honestly, who isn’t looking for Kate Moss? The British bombshell is showing what 40 looks like on the cover of Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue, contributing to British Vogue, has a retrospective in her honor, and now, is the subject of a candid new documentary that will air on French television in honor of the supermodel’s birthday.

According to British Vogue, “the documentary will look at all aspects of Moss’s story so far, including her personal life.” Even though Moss isn’t participating in the documentary’s creation, fashion insiders like Isabel Marant, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindergh have leaded themselves to the artistic vision, sharing their stories of what it was like to work with Moss.

Well let you know when we find out how we can watch this across the pond, in the states. We certainly don’t want to miss this!