Here’s Your First Look at MAC’s Maleficent Collection


If you’ve had Lana del Rey’s haunting version of “Once Upon a Dream” on repeat like us, we’ve got a treat for you! While MAC’s special collection for Maleficent was announced back in November, we finally have the first look at what is in store.

Rappler shared some of the first snaps of the pretty products, most of which play with the natural tones and reds as well as a touch of gold — a 180 turn from the oil-slicked, dimensional beauty of Maleficent’s original Mac collection. Amongst the soft shadows, blood-red lippies, liners, and lashes is a sculpting powder to achieve Angelina Jolie’s fierce features as the iconic venomous villain straight from Jolie’s makeup artist and previous Mac collaborator, Rick Baker.

With all of these wickedly gorgeous goodies to play with, May can't come soon enough!